“When the nature of my personality type was revealed to me, I experienced one of the most enlightening moments of my life.”

Psychology Professor, Charles T.Tart, Ph.D.

Who are we?

The greatest loss of modern times is refusing the teachings in many fields we inherit. Even though trying to understand everything from scratch helps us perceive new concepts, it still is not enough to solve all problems of humankind. This brings the need to understand the value of the cumulative knowledge gathered throughout centuries of experience bequeathed unto newer generations. Especially practices that center around humans such as education, health and psychology are on a new journey to rediscover their ancient knowledge. No one returns empty handed from this. Enneagram knowledge is the gift of this voyage to modern people. We, devotees of education, were greatly influenced by the Enneagram methodology we experienced first-hand. We have closely experienced the revolutionary effects of character awareness in our quest of knowing a person. Then we set on our quest of knowing and understanding a person in the center of Enneagram wisdom and organizing many seminars and activities helping their development. We believe that the old system and processes are insufficient in answering the calls of the newer generations and new approach and paradigms should be implemented.

What do we do?

As Enneagram Education &Counselling, in every job and process centering around people, we try and make the approach of Enneagram characteristic more well known, understood and integrated to life. In light of Enneagram wisdom, we create original approaches. With the ENOKSIS service that we specifically developed for educational institutions, we offer an approach focusing on temperament and with our Enneagram Counselling Activities called ENREHET, we provide the only counselling service available in its field for educational institutions. With the Enneagram tests we designed for temperament evaluation we create specific reports for each characteristic. With the personal and institutional Enneagram Seminars we organize, we embark on journeys to understand a person through their characteristic traits and realizing and understanding ourselves.

Why do we do it?

Humans are the most precious treasure of this life. To realize the value of this treasure, for it to be valued and to make every environment it exists in valuable, a person has to be known and understood better. Because if this need is met, a more prosperous world and community will be formed. Therefore, all approaches adding value to a person is very important. Our goal is to apply this value provided by Enneagram wisdom to education, work and human relations and hope this knowledge is used in every field involving people, especially education.