Imagine how compassionate we would be if we could really see why we do what for ourselves and for others. This is precisely what Enneagram does. This is a magnanimity map. Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective thinking. According to this tradition, human life includes a journey to unity.

To be able to understand yourself completely is the main goal of Enneagram. It creates awareness, so a person can know themselves with their positive and negative traits. Enneagram is the effort of helping people be at peace with themselves. No personality type is better or superior to another.

When we properly start knowing ourselves and others and understand their basic needs and see the structure built according to their own temperaments, we will see that our capacity of understanding, comprehension and love increase.

A good map has a “you are here” point. Enneagram is a map showing that spot. This reality is the first step on our journey to ourselves. Enneagram teaches us who and where we are, helps us discover ourselves, see and know our habits. Enneagram faces us with traits holding us back.

Determining the personality type with Enneagram does not put us in a box, but allows us to see the box we experience the world in. With this newfound knowledge we can step outside our limited perspective. Ideally, personality is the best way of expressing ourselves, but hardships emerge when our perspective is strained and we resort to automatic behaviours. By realizing these senseless patterns, we can lead a more fulfilling life, form healthier relationships and connect with our essence.

Enneagram takes us home. As Ichazo says “People fall to personality from essence.” As we get to know our personality deeper with Enneagram, we get closer to our core and find the way home.