What is Enoksis?

A new, unique and resourceful approach in education that provides a “characteristic centered” perspective. It bases its roots in the differences of characteristics and is comprised of counselling processes centered around temperament.

What is its goal?

The most fundamental search of humankind has always been trying to understand and improve one’s own self. Everybody needs to be understood and known correctly.

This need is valid for everyone, especially more prominent and critical for students.

All of humanity needs effective and accurate approaches in order to meet this fundamental need.

The success of this understanding relies on the proper understanding of a person’s temperament.

Enneagram methodology and wisdom explicitly reveals the primary searches of characteristics. Enneagram allows us to properly understand adults and children whom we are in a relationship with.

ENOKSIS (Enneagram School System) that was developed for this field, puts forth an understanding centering around characteristics in the field of education.

ENOKSIS has content appropriate for all school systems and contributes to the given system’s efficiency.

To summarize we can say that:
Its content is education and counselling based on characteristics.
It comprises of three main fields:
1 – Enneagram Education
2 – Enneagram Digital
3 – Enrehet (Enneagram Counselling Activities)

Which stages is Enoksis comprised of?

1 - Enneagram Education
School counsellor education and supervision.
Teacher and administrative staff education.
Parent seminars.

2 - Enneagram Digital (Test)
The application of the test and determination of characteristic map.
Characteristic test and report with the help of software.

3 - Enrehet (Enneagram Counselling Activities)
School counsellorseminars.
The application of Enneagram counselling activities.