What is Enrehet?

Enrehet is the name of counselling activities designed for school counsellors centering around characteristics that can be applied to a person or a group.
As a first in Turkey, Enrehet is developed to improve and support the potential capabilities of characteristics. In addition to being a first in counselling it also has original content.

What reason was Enrehet developed for?

Educational institutions are the top factors affecting children’s development. Many academicians who are aware of this are trying to broaden the horizons of teaching besides education. Enrehet was developed to provide the necessary support for institutions and academicians trying to do so. Enrehet is an educational module for academician and institutions that accept education and character development as a part of the learning process besides the academic development of a child at school. Academicians who are able to read the ever-changing world properly are aware of the importance of personality and character development and are in search of approaches which will have a positive influence. Because, as it is plain to see, the world is headed down a horrible road in the hands of persons with exceptional academic knowledge, yet sorely lacking character development. Enrehet, (Enneagram Counselling Activities) which forms the original and resourcefulness of Enoksis, has provided activities that center around children’s characteristics in this field.

What is Enrehet’s goal?

The activities are crafted specifically for each characteristic.
Since these activities encompass strong and lacking aspects of temperament, they fully support development.
It makes the child aware of fields they are good at and helps them develop resources, while also informing them about the areas they need to improve and lays out a developmental plan.

It provides positive motivation for children who are aware of the potential capabilities of their own temperament traits.
Since the activities are designed for specific traits, the techniques which are used are also very diverse.
The activities have been developed using therapeutic stories, drama, play therapy, puppet therapy, imaging and many other similar techniques.
The broad span of activities allows the applier to take pleasure while practicing them.

What does Enrehet include in its content?

Enrehet, are special activities developed by psychologist and school counselors who are active in the fields of psychology and counselling with Enneagram knowledge.
Enrehet comprises of a total of 198 counselling activities including all educational stages.
The activities are specifically tailored for each temperament, keeping in mind the potential capabilities and risks. They provide counsellors the possibility of counselling centered around temperament.
The activities have plain and simple protocols.

Why Enrehet?

To make a school not just an educational institution, but also a place for resourceful teaching.
To maximize the efficiency of the time spent at school.
To allow a child to realize that they are on an amazing developmental journey and be able to know themselves.
For a child to be able to discover their own dynamics.
To help a child discover other people’s developmental differences, needs and dynamics.
To help a child gain insight to be able to ask and answer the questions about their strong traits and points they need to improve.