Nowadays, in the field of education, despite the investments made in technology or education applications the desired results aren’t reached. The main reason for this is the disregard of a student’s personal differences, own possibility and capabilities and temperament.

The fact that each child is a different world calls for a specific approach in order to be reached. When the paths are not known or disregarded, it might result in a lack of proper communication.

Each student goes through a unique learning and self-development phase, using the fundaments of their temperament. We see that institutions which provide healthy mediums for students to further develop these traits and take the students’ personal differences into consideration house happier and more successful students.

Preparing educational materials and sources according to the children’s temperaments in these institutions will also have a positive impact on strengthening the educational environment.

For this specific purpose we have adopted the MIZU Guide approach for a project we have prepared for Çalışkan Publishing. As Enneagram Education Counselling, we have developed pathways for source materials created by Çalışkan Publishing which take temperaments into consideration.

In regard to these traits we have prepared a temperament test for each student using MIZU Guide. We have prepared a detailed report at the end of the test for the student including special temperament traits. For academicians using MIZU Guide, we have provided the possibility of getting to know their students quickly and realizing their potential possibility and capabilities through these reports.

We have prepared motivational sentences for each page in the books regarding the needs and motivation points of each student for each temperament trait and therefore made it possible for children to discover their own awareness and motivational points.