With the “Enneagram Digital” part of ENOKSIS, the types of temperaments of students and their branch characteristics are discovered and the results are logged with detail.
The logs are followed in the counsellor panel.
At the end of Enneagram temperament test a detailed “Temperament Report” is given to each student.
The report consists of;
1. Temperament ID Card,
2. General Traits,
3. Natural Positive Traits,
4. Potential Risks,
5. Complementary Traits,
6. Situations That May Lead to Stress and Behaviour Under Stress,
7. Support and Development Advices,
8. Learning Medium,
9. Approach Expected from an Academician,
10. Learning Process,
11. Aspects Reducing Motivation and Concentration,
12. Manner of Studying,
13. Type of Learning,
14. The Way of Expressing Themselves,
15. Appropriate Working Environments,
16. Appropriate Jobs.
Reports are provided separately under main temperament and branch temperament.