Think of a map that shows the route, to you: Enneagram

Enneagram is a dynamic approach to understand personality. It is not a simple classification. When telling the properties of a person’s primary temperament, it also mentions the contributions brought by other temperament called branch. Stress depicts the temperament as emotion, thought and action processes in situations. Reveals the traps on the road of the healthiest.

Enneagram, is a powerful tool that can allow us to understand ourselves better and manage our relationships easier and with more finesse.

It doesn’t just help us, but also allows us to obtain profound, valuable and detailed information about seeing the world in other people’s perspectives, how and why they think, what they feel and how they act.

Enneagram’s gift is describing who we aren’t elegantly. Aspects we do not know about ourselves can hurt us or our relationships. Knowing who we are and why we encounter the same problems can help reacquaint us to both us and our environment. We won’t just learn new things about ourselves, we also might learn to see the world through other people’s perspectives by understanding the thoughts, feelings and why they do what they do. Enneagram wisdom can lead us to who we are in reality. Enneagram makes you realize aspects of yourself which hinder you and helps you overcome them.