Main goal: Righteous action and flawlessness.

Secondary goals: Searching for the ideal, being consistent and pragmatic, aiming towards perfection.

Their own words:

I am a serious, principled, idealist individual, acting pragmatically and logically. I strive to do whatever it is I am doing perfectly. I am organized, meticulous and I pay special attention to detail, quality and to do things flawlessly. I have a mindset which defines, classifies, compares and carefully analyses and tries to make deductions about information, observations and data. I see flaws and deficiencies quickly and try to fix them if I can. I try to better myself and people around me and warn them if they make mistakes. I try and accomplish my tasks and responsibilities to the letter and feel discomfort when I fail to do so.


Main Goal: Engage in sharing emotions and being a person liked/depended on

Secondary Goals: Showing and sharing emotions, forming relationships where they are shown attention and value, being aware of needs and helping others.

Their own words:

I am a person who is mostly emotional, cares deeply about relationships, friendly, values love, amiable, talkative, can communicate quickly and easily. I am a compassionate person who values attention, love and being valued in my relationships. I try to make people around me happy, be aware of their needs and help, be kind and say yes as much as I can. I also expect people around me to show the same care and attention about my needs and expectations. I am offended by hurtful words and demeanours. Even though sometimes I rebuke and be cross I wouldn’t want to prolong it. If I am not shown the attention, love and appreciation I deserve I might rebuke or sometimes even be angry.


Main goal: Being superior in capabilities and functionality and creating an image that is adored.

Secondary goal: Being the most capable and functional person. Having an image that arouses admiration and focusing on a goal and achieving it.

Their own words:

I am a person that likes to arouse admiration with my identity and activities, likes to be successful and impressive, feels valuable and important when accomplishing something and values status and outlook. I can focus on the goal, am ambitious, energic and competitive. It is important for me to achieve and gather admiration. I cannot tolerate failure and defeat. I am gifted in motivating and convincing myself and others while presenting myself as intriguing and admirable and impressing people while doing so. I have no trouble in adapting to circumstances and acting diplomatically. I do whatever I can to reach my goal quickly, practically and do not let negativities and my emotions deter me from doing so.


Main Goal: Emotional depth and uniqueness in searching for existentialism.

Secondary goals: A person who wants to live their emotions intensively and deeply while trying to realize themselves and contribute to life.

Their own words;

I am a person who has a dominant yet sometimes hidden emotional side, is romantic, sensitive, find empathizing important, puts great value in uniqueness and individuality, tries to be honest to themselves and to others. I think deeply on what I feel and experience and try to understand myself and my feelings. Understanding and being understood is very important to me. I have a passionate nature which enjoys deep emotions and experiences. I want what I do to be deep, meaningful and unique. I always look for meaning, beauty and aesthetics in aspects of life that I deem important. Because of my altering emotional state sometimes I am very cheerful and energetic and sometimes shy and dour. Even though I have a fragile and sensitive nature I try not to show it very often. I expect people to understand me correctly and be aware of my sensitivity.


Main goal: Knowing everything completely and search of independent aptitude.

Secondary goals: Tries to make analytical observations without being involved, wants to research and think and wants to be capable.

Their own words;

I am a person who is logical, inclined to abstract thinking, is interested in knowledge and its profundity, averse to being alone, mostly an introvert, can observe themselves and events independent of emotions and tends to make rational and objective analyses. I care about increasing my expertise in fields I am interested in. Thinking is a job for me itself. I try to analyse and understand people and events objectively without being involved. I am distant when interacting and am mostly an introvert. I try to be independent and self-sufficient. I can make do with little and reduce my dependencies if needs be.


Main Goal: Mental acuity and precision and search of support and qualification against life.

Secondary Goals: Tries to gather information and data, avoids danger and risk, searches for safe decisions and actions.

Their own words;

I am a person who values feeling safe and sound, is cautious, curious and inquisitive. I try and learn any information I might need. I don’t trust people easy but to people I trust I am loyal, trustworthy and supportive. When I feel an ulterior motive, I take a step back and assess the situation. I have a mind that is careful and controlling against potential threats. I make decisions based on logic instead of emotion. Since I avoid making mistakes deciding takes a long time for me. In this process my mind darts back and forth between possibilities. I tend to be stressed and anxious when facing situations where I can’t control the process or against negativities and uncertainties. I have a hard time deciding on subjects I am not sure about. I always need a trustworthy and wise authority.


Main Goal: Discovery, novelty, looking for enjoyable experiences and capability.

Secondary Goal: Creating an alternative to reality by abstract thinking, searching for the easy and enjoyable, trying and quenching their intrigue.

Their own words;

I am a person who enjoys discovering and experiencing new things, acts with logic, doesn’t get fixate emotions, is positive, curious, extroverted, happy, talkative and enterprising. I don’t like being restricted, am spontaneous, like thrilling experiences, get bored of monotony quickly and hedonistic in my approach of life. I want to have many options and alternatives, am a visionary, prudent, fast and a bit of a rusher. My thinking processes are fast and I can quickly form connections between events and thoughts. I think practically and am open minded. My attention quickly wanders off to what is tempting and enticing. I look for quick and practical solutions against problems and hard situations. If I fail to find any, I don’t get hung up on them and prefer to look forward.


Main Goal: Conserving their existence and search for absolute power/existence/dominion.

Secondary Goals: Active protection, being active, standing out and authority.

Their own words;

I am a person who is brave, determined, confident, authoritarian, likes to impress people, values being strong and independent, isn’t averse to taking risks, can bear hardships and doesn’t run from conflict. I have a very magnanimous side deep inside that I hide. I get angry quickly and express my anger clearly and without remorse. I protect the week and feeble, never tolerate injustice and fight my hardest to get what is rightfully mine. I am hasty, meddling and determined person who cannot tolerate indecisiveness, pacifism and bowing down. I don’t much care about what others think of me. I am frank, I speak clearly and directly.


Main Goal: Maintaining inner strength-peace balance and sensory comfort.

Secondary Goals: Maintaining peace, tending to go toward comfortable and comforting, not compromising integrity.

Their own words;

I am a person who values agreement, looks for harmony and peace, is patient, calm, avoids conflict and tension, doesn’t like being overlooked in social situations but dislikes being in the spotlight. I try to accept people as they are, trying not to create discomfort or tension. I can postpone my needs in order not to disrupt harmony and peace. It takes time to act and get my priorities straight since I try to look at events from all angles. Therefore, I might look like a person who doesn’t act fast and postpones their decision and actions. I would rather let hard and complicated problems be taken care of by time than try and solve them with inappropriate actions and making them even more convoluted. If I am pushed or forced to do something, I first try to conceal my anger. Against negative situations I tend not to partake in conflicts openly, but my accumulated anger might reveal by violent or sudden outbursts.